AV Maintenance Contracts

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If you’ve ever experienced an AV technical failure, especially just before or during an important presentation, you’ll understand the importance of regular maintenance.

Often overlooked, it is an absolutely vital part of any audio visual installation and without it, the working life of any AV system will be considerably reduced, putting your equipment at risk of failure.

Our tailored AV service & maintenance contracts will deliver effective, long-term protection for your audio visual investment and are available to cover most equipment and system installations; including those supplied by third parties. We understand that all of our clients operate differently and will therefore work closely with you to identify how we can best deliver a service or maintenance contract to suit your unique requirements.


To keep things simple, we offer two main types of contract; AV Service and AV Maintenance;


AV Service Plan


‘Prevention is always better than cure’


If you’ve already invested in audio visual equipment for your business, you’ll be aware of just how expensive it can be. We can help you make the most out of your investment by offering a straight forward, affordable AV Service Plan. We don’t offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ arrangement, as all installations are different and we assess each one individually, so we don’t charge you for the services you don’t need.

As part of the service, one of our experienced AV engineers will make regular visits to your premises to service the key components of the system – usually once or twice per year. We then produce a report detailing the findings and highlight any areas for concern, so that any potential issues can be addressed before they become a problem. If there are any serious concerns, we can take the equipment back to our in-house AV service facility and even provide a loan replacement to minimise AV ‘down-time’.

Key benefits & services offered;

  • Yearly or Twice-Yearly AV Service to keep your system running optimally
  • Straight forward, hassle-free AV Maintenance & Support
  • Tailored AV Service Plan to suit your requirements
  • Technical Telephone Helpdesk
  • On-site Call-outs
  • Loan AV Equipment

To discover more about our AV Service Plan and how our expert technical team can help you, call 0800 122 33 29 or use our enquiry form below.


AV Maintenance Contract


‘Long-term protection for your business-critical audio visual investments’


Having designed and supplied AV Systems for over 45 years, we’ve built an excellent reputation for delivering, supporting & maintaining AV products critical to all areas of business. Our tailored preventative maintenance and technical support service is designed to keep your audio visual equipment running at its most efficient, reducing the likelihood of equipment failure and its impact upon your working practices.

We understand that whenever there is a problem, you’ll want it resolving as quickly as possible, so we backup our maintenance program with comprehensive support through our Technical Helpdesk, so you’ll always have someone knowledgeable on-hand who understands your equipment and how best to help.

Key Benefits & Additions;

  • Professional & Dependable AV Support from experienced Technical Staff & Support Engineers
  • Tailored AV Maintenance & Support Contracts with services to suit your exact requirements and budget
  • Loan AV Equipment to minimise the impact on your business should your AV equipment fail
  • Access to Technical Telephone Support – speak directly to a qualified engineer, system designer or programmer to discuss the issue at hand
  • In-House AV Repairs – unlike many AV Companies, we have an in-house repairs facility which means we don’t have to ship your equipment to the manufacturer and wait for repairs to be completed which increases your ‘down-time’
  • Options for Non-Chargeable Call-Outs, Parts & Labour Repairs & Loan Replacements

To discover more about our AV Maintenance Contracts and how our expert technical team can help you, call 0800 122 33 29 or use our enquiry form below.



Frequently Asked Questions

Costs will be dependent upon factors such as the type of equipment and its value, the age of the AV equipment and the service provided.
The length of our AV Maintenance Contracts typically last one, two or three years, although we will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.
All products supplied by NAV come with standard manufacturer’s warranties (usually 1-3 years), but extended warranties are available. Please call us to discuss your requirements.
Unlike many AV Companies, we can repair faulty AV equipment ‘in-house’ using our experienced service engineers. We also have direct links to many leading AV manufacturers, so if we cannot service your equipment in-house, the turnaround time will still be as fast as possible.
We will always be with you as soon as we possibly can, regardless of the AV maintenance contract you purchase.
Yes, we can still provide an AV Maintenance Contract, but we will need to visit your premises to evaluate your equipment and provide a no-obligation quotation.